The House That Jack Built 2018

The House That Jack Built (von Trier 2018)


The House That Jack Built (2018)
Dancer in the Dark (2000)
Se7en (1995)

“Horror films are our collective nightmares.”

TOPIC INDEX – The House That Jack Built

0:00 – Introducing the film, spoilers
4:50 – Movie discussion begins
9:54 – First incident
12:48 – Incident metaphors
19:14 – Virgil and the argument about art
22:00 – Aeneid description from Wikipedia
20:12 – Laura elevates the discussion to the question, what constitutes art?
24:15 – Destruction, art, and industrialization
28:30 – The lamb and the tiger and the order of the victims
32:27 – Art as conversation
38:50 – The thesis of the film
50:00 – Nature of Jack’s art and alienation
53:11 – Connected to our Cam (2018) episode discussion of using drugs and achieving nirvana
56:15 – Does art require love? Also Freud and sexuality of the film
1:01:57 – Intention of creation and meta-analysis of the film
1:16:45 – Comparison to Fincher’s Se7en (1995)
1:18:21 – Upcoming episodes

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“Horror films are our collective nightmares.”