Teeth (2007)

Teeth (Lichtenstein 2007)

This episode we discuss the notorious 2007 film Teeth. While most likely well-intentioned the film is progressive but also problematic with regard to sexuality.  Listen in for the details.


Teeth (Lichtenstein 2007)

TOPIC INDEX – Teeth (Lichtenstein 2007) (times are approximate) 

0:35 – Introductions
3:52 – Discussion begins
7:30 – Symbolism
11:00 – Concerns about the film
15:30 – How might we have changed the film?
17:00 – The film and the Rape-Axe
20:00 – Real world vs film ideology world and transcending binaries
31:30 – Sex negativity and consent
45:00 – Mommy issues, Edward Bernays, Medusa
55:30 – How would we improve the film?
59:00 – Not a rapist, not a castrator
1:01:26 – Grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Rubric

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Episode 66

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