Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Craig 2010)

With special guest Caitlin Durante of The Bechdel Cast!

Life of the Party (Falcone 2018)

TOPIC INDEX – Tucker and Dale vs Evil  (times are approximate) 

TOPIC INDEX (times are approximate)
0:00 – Introductions and our guest
4:11 – Movie discussion begins
5:54 – Laura and comparison to Summer of 84
9:43 – Gender and good and evil
10:55 – Class
12:42 – Critique of hegemonic (toxic) masculinity
13:44 – Encouraging communication and empathy (the sociological imagination)
16:58 – Progressive transgression (deconstruction) vs conservative (reinscribing) transgression
18:29 – Discussion of the possibility of hegemonic masculinity critique
21:30 – Women characters especially Allison
23:22 – Rural poor white evildoers slasher sub-genre and an intersectional feminist critique
24:40 – Homophobia in the film
27:37 – Concerns with comedy in the film and generally
29:12 – Positive aspects of the comedy
34:22 – Evil and morality in horror
35:42 – Homoeroticism as humor
38:20 – “Half-hillbilly” and final scenes
41:55 – Sociology Moment – The romantic story and the heterosexual imaginary
49:20 – “Nice guys” / red pill  / incel movement
52:45 – Gender privilege and men’s behavior expectations in films
54:03 – How would we improve the film?
58:58 – Sociology shout out in the film
1:00:45 – Ethical depictions of violence in films

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Episode 37