The Twilight Zone 2019 The Comedian

The Twilight Zone “The Comedian” (Harris 2019)

Spoilers Below

Dave Chapelle The Bird Revelation (Lathan 2017)
Pet Sematary (Kolsch & Widmyer 2019)
The Butterfly Effect (Bress & Gruber 2004)

TOPIC INDEX – The Twilight Zone s1e1 “The Comedian” (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions!
5:08 – Discussion begins
8:15 – Twilight Zone compared to horror genre
9:50 – Metaphor for creative process
18:25 – Comedy that relies on othering and other dehumanizing techniques (Punching down)
29:25 – Horror as a genre is better?
35:55 – Laura’s arguments applied to depictions of violence
37:02 – Connection to horror comedy discussion with Caitlin Durante
44:27 – Avoid the unpleasant
46:49 – Importance of language for sociology
53:42 – Depth vs breadth of potential for horror vs comedy
55:33 – Compared to The Butterfly Effect (Bress & Gruber 2004)
58:20 – How would we improve the episode?
1:04:00 – Ending issues
1:03:34 – The utility of horror

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