Malignant (Wan 2021)

Malignant (Wan 2021)

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Malignant (Wan 2021)

TOPIC INDEX – Malignant  (Wan 2021) (times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
4:15 – Movie discussion begins
5:00 – overall takes – NO SPOILERS
6:00 – Laura’s over it with Wan
11:00 – establishing cohesion and continuity in film
14:20 – SPOILERS begin
15:00 – wealth inequality and horror incredulity
21:30 – story recap
26:30 – positive aspects of the film
32:00 – gender representation
44:00 – women as reproductive vessels in the Wan-iverse
52:00 – considering counter arguments
55:00 – abusive relationships
1:04:00 – privilege
1:05:30 – carnivalesque vs classical bodies
1:13:30 – creature
1:15:30 – objectifying vs humanizing
1:17:00 – filmmaking and plot movement
1:23:10 – grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Evolving Rubric of Social Responsibility

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