The Blackening (Story 2022)

The Blackening (Story 2022)

The Blackening takes the baton from films such as Get Out, The First Purge, and Candyman and runs with it. Both tense and scary as well as uproariously funny, this is a fantastically fun horror film viewing experience!

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The Blackening (Story 2022)
Carrie (Demme 1976)

TOPIC INDEX – TOPIC INDEX – The Blackening  (Story 2022) (times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
4:30 – Movie discussion begins
Overall impression of The Blackening as comedy and horror
7:00 – Cringe vs punchline comedy
14:00 – critique of power structure and white supremacy distinct from individual white people
18:00 – diversity in the film
25:00 – source of the evil
40:00 – the game is rigged
44:00 – geography
45:00 – actually scary
50:00 – resists the heterosexual imaginary
1:00:00 – genre references
1:02:00 – police
1:07:00 – compared to Ma

1:12:30 – grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Evolving Rubric of Social Responsibility

1:15:00 – wrap up
1:18:00 – post credits about drugs

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