Get Out

Collective Nightmares – Get Out (2017)

Our podcast has spoilers! If you haven’t seen the film, please watch it before listening.

Our third episode! We definitely are not recording in the order we post.

While we both enjoyed and appreciated Get Out, it is exactly the kind of movie Marshall loves. This led to some good discussion about the differences in what each of us really loves about movies. 

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“Horror films are our collective nightmares.” Robin Wood.


Topic Index

1:09 – What if we had a Q&A with Jordan Peele?

1:40 – How ideologically motivated is it?

4:44 – The importance of firsts and pushing the conversation forward

14:11 – Black bodies

17:27 – Jordan Peele (and Keegan-Michael Key)

23:26 – Flipping stereotypes

27:00 – Animals

29:30 – Cops

32:00 – More on racial stereotypes, representation, and privilege.

36:17 – Bingo auction?

37:50 – Marshall gushes about the film

40:23 – Our philosophical differences on what movies should be