Collective Nightmares – IT (2017) Episode

Our podcast has spoilers! If you haven’t seen the film, please watch it before listening.

Finally, our second podcast episode! Our podcast is an in-depth and sociologically informed discussion of horror films. This episode we discuss the 2017 film It directed by Andy Muschietti. The film is based on the Stephen King novel It published in 1986. This screenplay was written by Chase Palmer, Cari Joi Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman.

The podcast hosts are Marshall Smith and Laura Patterson.

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“Horror films are our collective nightmares.” Robin Wood.

We are still figuring out all of the technical side of this. This audio is much improved from our first episode.

Our audio does feature some expletives and discussion of controversial content. It is most likely neither safe for kids nor safe for work.

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Topic Index

0:00 to 2:54 – General thoughts on the film

2:54 – We have a structure for this episode! (Kind of)

3:12 – Philosophical questions raised by the film


3:29 – Why monster films work, or don’t

4:30 – Social commentary

7:40 – Ambiguous monster

9:28 – The scariness of the sewer scene

12:30 – Character continuum

18:00 – Camera work, technical notes

18:10 – What’s up with the diving and swimming scene?

21:32 – The Bechdel Test and representation

23:32 – Music and sound

23:47 – How would we improve the film?

32:12 – Laura connects Full House to It, believe it or not.