Come to Daddy (2019)

Come to Daddy (Timpson 2019)

The most divided Laura and Marshall have been regarding a film in some time. Marshall hated it. Laura loved it. Is it an indictment of the corrosive impacts of toxic masculinity? Or a sloppy mess of a film that embraces toxic masculinity as a means of repairing men’s relationships? Listen and decide for yourself.


Come to Daddy (Timpson 2019)

TOPIC INDEX – Come to Daddy (Timpson 2019) (times are approximate) 

0:35 – Introductions
3:20 – Discussion begins
3:21 – Marshall hated it
5:51- Laura makes her case for the film
12:00 – Weak sense versus strong sense critical thinking
13:28 – Marshall makes his case against the film’s suspension of disbelief
19:00 – Exploring Laura’s argument about masculinities in the film
26:50 – Character development and plot questions
30:00 – We debate the final sequence in the film
50:35 – Marshall actively resents the film
54:00 – Laura rebuts
56:30 – Laura holds Marshall accountable!
1:08:50 – Grading the film

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