Knives and Skin (2019)

Knives and Skin (Reeder 2019)

For this episode we held two discussions of the film. For the first we were joined by two students, Audrey and Andi. For the second we were joined by Keenan and Sophie. We first want to thank them for their time and thoughts. This film is unique. Knives and Skin is ambitious, beautiful, and laudable for the diversity of age, sexuality, ethnicity, as well as including numerous interesting and under-represented topics facing young women. However, for us the film never formed into a cohesive narrative where all of that fascinating content could be placed. Without a border to the puzzle, we were left feeling like we were either missing pieces or had pieces from more than one puzzle to fit together. And as a result we never were able to form a full picture from this otherwise fascinating film.


TOPIC INDEX – Knives and Skin (Reeder 2019) (times are approximate) 

0:35 – Introductions
3:10 – Discussion begins
12:51 – Review of characters
15:20 – Keenan and Sophie have a list of questions, starting with the mothers
25:25 – The ending
28:26 – The tape
31:10 – the opening scene
41:32 – Inverting the slasher formula
59:19 – Men in the film
1:12:36 – A Foucauldian film?
1:14:45 – Carolyn’s Glasses
1:22:12 – Grading the film

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