Lords of Chaos (2018)

Lords of Chaos (Akerlund 2018)


The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence (Six 2011)

Higher Learning (Singleton 1995)

TOPIC INDEX – Lords of Chaos (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introducing the film
2:46 – The band Mayhem that is the focus of the film
3:40 – Movie discussion begins with good evil vs bad evil
5:33 – Authenticity, insiders, and cannibalizing the edge
11:44 – Labeling theory
12:57 – Impact of suicide
13:50 – Sexism in the film
14:44 – Danger and evil relative to comfort and privilege
16:56 – Good evil vs bad evil part 2
19:06 – Norweigan black metal documentary

(possibly Until the Light Takes Us (Aites and Ewell 2008)

21:02 – Conformity vs deviance as more problematic
30:28 – Scene authenticity vs celebrity
35:32 – Authenticity, poverty, racism, and music
38:54 – The Norwegian metal scene specifically
40:33 – Laura’s metal story
43:12 – Actors, music, and technical execution, dark humor
45:14 – Back to the “Inglorious Bastards critique”

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