Black Mirror s5e03 Ashley Too (2019)

Black Mirror s5e03 Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too (Brooker 2019)


Black Mirror s1e01 The National Anthem (Bathurst 2011)
Black Mirror s3e04 San Junipero (Harris 2016)
Black Mirror s4e02 Arkangel (Foster 2017)
Cam (Goldhaber 2018)
The Twilight Zone s1e01 The Comedian (Harris 2019)

Minor Spoilers
Escape Room (Robitel 2019)

TOPIC INDEX – Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions
3:31 – Spoilers this episode
5:07 – Discussion begins

6:57 – Black Mirror generally
10:25 – This specific episode discussion begins
12:24 – Smaller big questions
19:00 – The National Episode SPOILERS
20:29 – The importance of choice
21:48 – How could we do these themes better?
24:29 – Anyone can do anything?
25:31 – Taylor Swift and virtual performances
31:45 – Recommendations for other media to watch
33:08 – This episode compared to CAM, moreso
34:45 – Ashley Too and The Talent Show
38:30 – Dad and the better mouse trap?
39:23 – Mouse trap scene
42:55 – Compared to The Twilight Zone s1e01 “The Comedian”

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