Ma (2019)

Ma (Taylor 2019)


TOPIC INDEX – Ma (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions
3:54 – Discussion begins
6:05 – Ma as “Mammie” caricature
13:25 – The legacy of racism and slavery
15:15 – Texas Board of Education rewrites slavery history  
Trailer for The Revisionaries, a documentary about the fight over curriculum and textbooks in Texas.
16:00 – Whose side are we supposed to be on?
17:42 – The attack on Ma
23:48 – Genie, Ma’s daughter, and the generational impacts of racism
29:00 – More on the sociological significance of the Mammie caricature
37:30 – Martyrs (Laugier 2008) spoilers begin and discussion of whose side are we on
43:00 – How could the mammy caricature actually be challenged rather than reinscribed?
46:20 – Violence and racism in the film
46:54 – Made by the same person who made The Help (Taylor 2011)
47:43 – Ma being sexually assaulted
48:30 – Comparison to Carrie (de Palma 1976)
50:58 – Top line production demographics
53:47 – Intentionality
55:38 – Representation and Marshall’s obliviousness
56:48 – The Summer of ’84 effect (Simmard, Whissell, & Whissell 2018)
1:01:45 – Empathy for Ma vs Ben and others
1:05:25 – Painting Darrell white and gender
1:07:02 – Intentionality of racial problematics
1:11:22 – Why was this film so entertaining while also being intensely racially problematic?
1:19:56 – Comparison to critiques of The Help (Taylor 2019)

“Dangerous White Stereotypes” by Turner (2011). Opinion column in the New York Times. And replies to the editor regarding her column.

1:25:50 – Our final thoughts
1:29:24 – Privilege also works against those who have it

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