Violation (Mancinelli and Sims-Fewer 2020)

Violation (Mancinelli and Sims-Fewer 2020)

We spent much of this episode confused as to details of this film. Please don’t come after us for this confusion until you listen through to the end. We do finally clarify our understanding of the film and respond to the text as it stands. It’s quite something to have the interpretation of a film hinge on ice cream and sleep. It was a journey to get to the end and figure it all out, but we did it! Part of the podcast is our exploration of the film as we experienced it while watching. And we account for the fact that we both needed to rewatch specific parts of the film after our initial viewing in order to resolve our impressions of the film. Learning and understanding is a process. That is much of why we do this. We hope you find our evolution during this episode interesting as well.

My confusion is likely a byproduct of my privilege and I will try to do better in the future. – Marshall

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Violation (Sims-Fewer and Mancinelli 2020)

TOPIC INDEX – Violation  (Mancinelli and Sims-Fewer 2020) (times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
4:15 – Movie discussion begins
5:00 – overall takes – NO SPOILERS
15:00 – depictions of sexual assault
20:00 – resisting problematic readings
31:00 – still on interpretations especially allegiance
35:00 – emotional experience of the film
38:00 – our views of humanity
41:00 – a lighter topic
43:00 – intensity modulation and audience engagement
48:30 – SPOILERS for Proxy
54:30 – Ice cream
1:13:00 – filmmaking and plot movement
1:23:10 – grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Evolving Rubric of Social Responsibility
1:28:00 – post credits chat including Tom Six’s film post The Human Centipede trilogy, The Onania Club.

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“… horror films: they are our collective nightmares.”

  – Robin Wood

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