Proxy (2013)

Proxy (Parker 2013)

The fourth in our mini-series devoted to the films of Zack Parker.  Proxy is a shocking, ambitious, and unique independent horror film. It is a rare film that we compare favorably to our exemplar Martyrs (Laugier 2008).

Next up we talk to Zack himself about all of his films thus far!

Be sure to watch his films and listen to these episodes so you are ready for our conversation. Marshall leaves the podcast early to go participate in the Black Lives Matter protests that were happening as we recorded. So you can hear those develop real time during our conversation.


Scalene (Parker 2013)
Come to Daddy (Timpson 2019)

TOPIC INDEX – Proxy (Parker 2013) (times are approximate) 

0:35 – Introductions
3:30 – Discussion begins
16:09 – Individual to societal connections
20:06 – The pregnant body
30:06 – Patrick’s change in parenting perspective
1:29:30 – Grading the film for social responsibility

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