Scalene (2011)

Scalene (Parker 2011)

Our mini-series devoted to the films of Zack Parker! His films fall distinctly into two halves and with Scalene begins the latter half of his movies thus far. His evolution as a filmmaker becomes obvious here as this film far exceeds his prior two efforts. This led to a sticky and difficult discussion of consent, morality, care, and the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Watch it and then join us!


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TOPIC INDEX – Scalene(Parker 2011)(times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
5:12 – Discussion begins
5:12 – Overall reactions
8:20 – Multiple perspectives
12:30 – Unresolvable narratives
16:40 – Layout of the film
19:44 – Deciphering the title
28:30 – The limits of intersubjectivity
34:56 – Morality and survival in horror and in Scalene
40:33 – Marshall’s personal connection to the film
50:00 – The next three questions about the assault
1:04:17 – Resisting a referendum
1:07:43 – Assault
1:11:11 – Going meta with the film
1:21:04 – Color
1:23:30 – Gender
1:28:27 – The cow story
1:29:30 – Grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Rubric

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