Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar (Aster 2019)

A film with incredibly well written dialogue, superb acting, gorgeous cinematography. With these impressive external pieces and a pretense of depth, altogether the film remains superficial spectacle. For Marshall this was a glass half empty; disappointment because there was so much under-utilized potential. For Laura this was a glass half full; appreciation of the bones that were enough for her to flesh out a larger message from the film.


TOPIC INDEX – Midsommar (Aster 2019) (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions
1:56 – Midsommar
3:14 – A brief pre-discussion rant from Marshall about the trailers for Ready or Not (Betinelli-Olpin and Gillett 2019) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tarantino 2019)
5:31 – Review of character names
6:28 – Discussion begins, spoilers after this point
7:26 – Into the weeds we go with cultural relativism
13:58 – Character dynamics and interaction
16:56 – Cultural relativism
18:17 – Marshall rips into the film
25:15 – Laura rebutts
28:23 – Sociology moment: Digging in on cultural relativism
29:28 – Is the cultural relativism in the text?
34:40 – Cannibal Holocaust (Deodatto 1980)
41:10 – The Human Centipede (Six 2009) question: How can you critique an exploitative experience if you are subjecting people to a representation of that experience?
42:43 – Back to Midsommar as compared to The Witch (Eggers 2015) SPOILERS
47:00 – Annnd Marshall slips into full rant mode on how to improve the film
51:48 – Othering and xenophobia
57:20 – Dani and Christian
1:07:40 – Why didn’t we hate this film or find it to be pretentious?

Recommendations for other films
Shrooms (Breathnach 2007)
The Witch (Eggers 2015)

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