Halloween 2018

Halloween (2018)


“Horror films are our collective nightmares.”

Halloween (2018)
Halloween (1978)
Summer of 84 (2018)

TOPIC INDEX – Halloween (Green 2018)

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Our viewing experience
4:31 – Begin movie discussion
6:15 – Why more Halloween now?
8:02 – Variation compared to Halloween 1976
12:26 – Halloween in context of history and evolution of the genre
14:41 – Vera Dika outlines the slasher plot formula from the first wave of slashers. She identifies a two-part structure.

Past Event
The members of a young community are guilty of a wrongful action.
The killer sees an injury, fault, or death.
The killer experiences a loss.
The killer kills the guilty members of the young community.

Present Event
An event commemorates the past action
The killer’s destructive impulse is reactivated
A seer warns the young community
The young community takes no heed
The killer stalks the young community
The killer kills members of the young community
The heroine sees the murders
The heroine sees the killer
The heroine does battle with the killer
The heroine subdues the killer
The heroine survives but is not free
Dika, V. (1987). “The Stalker Film, 1978-81.” In American Horrors: Essays on the Modern American Horror Film, 86-101, edited by G. Waller.

18:15 – Environmental sociology
20:55 – Individualistic vs collectivistic cultures and meritocracy
24:44 – Global Warming and Merchants of Doubt
28:15 – Back on track discussing Halloween
29:51 – Dehumanization
32:07 – Podcasters
>More on cultural context of Halloween
39:46 – Scream is our next episode
49:52 – Killing Michael
52:35 – Ideological importane of Laurie’s Michael trap
55:15 – Mental illness in the film
59:27 – Children group play
1:03:26 – More homage to Halloween 1976
1:05:25 – Prelude to our upcoming Scream episode

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