A Quiet Place

This week we expected to discuss Ghostland by Pascal Laugier to continue April-Laugier month. However, we couldn’t find a single screening of the film in the Denver area. So instead we discuss A Quiet Place. This film has proven to be very popular for both audiences and critics. We went in curious and cautious.

We will return with discussion of more of Laugier’s films as soon as we can.


A Quiet Place

It Comes At Night

The Corpse of Anna Fritz


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“Horror films are our collective nightmares.” Robin Wood.

Topic Index

5:11 – Marshall’s overall take 

8:00 – Marshall starts in on the baby

8:08 – Laura’s overall take

14:03 – More on not trusting the audience enough

15:47 – Laura on the social aspects

15:57 – Laura on the baby

16:35 – 16:50 Compare to ItSpoilers

17:12 – Post-apocalypse parenting

19:44 – Compare to It Comes At Night

27:06 – Laura on creature films

27:46 to 28:37- The Corpse of Anna Fritz – Spoilers 

29:10 to 30:03 – Compare to The Thing and Alien – no spoilers

31:54 – How would we improve the film? Or missed opportunities, missed opportunities everywhere.

40:16 – Marshall still being that person about “instincts”

41:42 to 42:30 – More comparison to It Comes At NightSpoilers

45:29 – Back to the baby

48:00 – The heterosexual imaginary by Ingraham

49:05 – Marshall still being a jerk about babies. Yup, babies.

53:39 – Comparing the opening sequence to the opening sequence from It