Night of the Demons (1988)


This week we changed it up considerably because we attended a screening of Night of the Demons with Scream Queen Linnea Quigley attending in person! Whaaat?! How awesome is that?

She was kind, genuine, friendly, and super generous with her time and energy. (She autographed and did a receiving line for an entire theater full of people including signing two of my Japanese original Return of the Living Dead (1985) posters)!!!

Night of the Demons is a classic B horror movie of the 1980s for all of the best reasons.

Extra special thank you to Linnea Quigley! And thank you Alamo Drafthouse Littleton for continuing to do these awesome special events!
As always, thanks for listening (if anyone actually is listening). Please let us know if you are!

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“Horror films are our collective nightmares.” Robin Wood.
Films mentioned this episode:
Kill, Baby … Kill – NO spoilers
Vertigo (1958) – NO spoilers
Halloween (1978) – NO spoilers
Videodrome (1983) – MINOR SPOILERS

TOPIC INDEX – Night of the Demons (1988)

2:23 – Laura’s first take

2:54 – Marshall’s first take

3:22 – Why is this good?

5:14 – A larger message and representations of race and gender

7:17 – Sex means death trope

8:10 – Taking the male gaze

8:40 – The lipstick and Cronenberg’s Videdrome (1983) – Minor spoilers

9:49 – Walter “Walking IMDb” Chaw hosted the film

9:50 – A feminist film?

11:23 – More on Walter’s discussion

13:05 – More on the feminism of Linnea Quigley

14:18 – Ending of the film

14:55 – Distracting the clerks

16:06 – Back to why is it so good?

16:52 – Exemplary shots

17:31 – Kill, Baby … Killl!

18:16 – Embrace being a B movie

21:23 – Waxing nostalgic for 80s horror

21:56 – Lewis Carroll’s Alice

22:21 – Laura recommends the film

24:23 – The nudity of 80s horror, especially lower budget 80s horror

25:40 – So it is empowering? Laura asks the money question

26:47 – 80s horror for profit

27:36 – Nudity was different in the 80s?

31:00 – Compared to Atlanta strip club culture articles vs Laura’s personal experience (for research).

37:20 – Opening scene and audio, including Bauhaus on the soundtrack! (also more on how bad Kill, Baby … Kill! was)