Slumber Party Massacre (Esterhazy 2021)

Slumber Party Massacre (Esterhazy 2021)

This film is so fascinating for so many reasons. It is a brilliant satire of slasher films and accomplishes so much of the feminist messaging that the initial Slumber Party Massacre was not able to do … for an hour and five seconds. The last half hour or so the film just falls off a cliff in terms of message, ideology, and representation.

While I don’t think of us as movie snobs, we definitely had lower expectations for a SyFy channel original film. However, this film is surprisingly good! It transcends it’s low production values and clear structuring to be able to insert commercials, again, for an hour and five seconds. Give it a watch and then join us for the full discussion.

So we spend a lot of time here discussing how that last half an hour could have been improved. While we recorded this before The Blackening was released, it strikes us that film is a perfect example of how to successfully end a satirical and critical film.

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Slumber Party Massacre (Esterhazy 2021)

TOPIC INDEX – Slumber Party Massacre  (Esterhazy 2021) (times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
4:00 – Discussion begins
4:00 – Overall impressions without spoilers
9:30 – SPOILERS begin
10:00 – film vs tropes
11:00 – flashback
17:45 – present day
30:00 – entertaining and critical
33:00 – problematic third act
39:00 – how could the film be improved
46:30 – the end

1:02:00 – filmmaking and plot movement
59:00 – grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Evolving Rubric of Social Responsibility
1:01:00 – Marshall rants about channels watermarking content with logos

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