Rabid (2019)

Rabid (Soska Sisters 2019)

Rabid marks the newest feature from the cult favorite Soska Sisters. (If you haven’t watched their other films, Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009), and, American Mary (2012), you totally should!)

The Twisted Twins share both Canadian heritage, and body horror genre heritage, with David Cronenberg, who directed the original Rabid in 1977. They finely balance updating this classic, giving it modern style and relevance while keeping overtly feminist questions and themes, gruesome scenes, and naughty dreams. Along with Black Christmas this is a hugely under-rated horror film of 2019! 


TOPIC INDEX – Rabid (Soska Sisters 2019) (times are approximate) 

0:35 – Introductions
2:44 – Discussion begins
5:11 – Comparisons to the original Rabid by Cronenberg (1977).
10:45 – Digging into the film
19:09 – Shooting Santa
21:46 – Freud, gender, and sexual symbolism
27:14 – Gender dynamics
30:06 – Her disfigurement and her voice
31:34 – Silencing her and the role of fashion
33:43 – External presence vs internal self
37:00 – Back to gender
39:22 – Why is it infectious?
42:01 – Sociology Moment
45:40 – Schadenfraude
57:01 – Soska Sisters’ former films
1:00:00 – Developing a phallus
1:02:22 – Social construction of femininity within the film
1:19:33 – Grading the film
1:23:51 – Sociology Moment

Recommendations for other films
Rabid (Cronenberg 1977)

Black Christmas (Takal 2019)

American Mary (Soska Sisters 2012)

Dead Hooker in a Trunk (Soska Sisters 2009)

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