The Perfection (2018)

The Perfection (Shepard 2018)


This episode was a wild card pick after Amazon Prime subtitles for Cannibal Holocaust failed us. Look for a future episode on that film. We went in cold and ended up being super impressed with the film. Using Laura’s strategy of looking for divisive films we dove in and are glad we did.

Prominent themes in our discussion this episode include cycles of abuse, what is justified in the pursuit of perfection, and the portrayal and representation of reclaiming one’s self. – resources for those who have experienced sexual violence


TOPIC INDEX – The Perfection (Shepard 2018) (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions
4:51 – The bus ride (Detour)
12:05 – Gender
17:30 – Another rape revenge film
18:52 – The point of the film?
26:21 – Ideological questions regarding perfection and sexual assault
33:41 – How to improve the film
41:15 – What if we cut just the sexual assault from the existing film?
45:52 – The duet
53:05 – Back to religion
55:06 – Technical aspects and really cool parts
1:02:36 – Representation and cycle of abuse
1:18:08 – Recommendations for other films

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