Doctor Sleep (2019)

Doctor Sleep (Flanagan 2019)

Doctor Sleep is well shot and well paced, as we expect from Mike Flanagan. However, he cannot save a fatally flawed concept. This sequel to The Shining is unnecessary and it shows. While there is progress in terms of gender, age, and racial diversity, the film unfortunately also demonizes the poor and valorizes the upper-middle class.


TOPIC INDEX – Doctor Sleep (Flanagan 2019) (times are approximate) 

0:00 – Introductions
2:48 – Marshall confessions to the greatest of sins
3:47 – Laura opens with “hated it”; Marshall did not hate it
7:59 – Doctor Sleep compared to Crawl
19:45 – Marshall hates the name, Laura really hates The Hat
22:10 – An unnecessary film
29:32 – Sociology moment: visibility of consumption
31:55 – Religion and knowledge
36:20 – Secular vs religious
40:55 – The Shining references and Ready Player One
43:41- Laura brings it full circle with consumerism and bankruptcy of cinematic merit
44:29 – Marshall’s infamous First Purge AMC Theatres rant

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