Smile (Finn 2022)

Smile (Finn 2022)

Led by an exemplary performance by Sosie Bacon, Smile (Finn 2022) is a well constructed horror film. It is a very rare example of using jump scares effectively and in support of a larger concept to produce fear. Where The Babadook (Kent 2014) meets Fallen (Hoblit 1998), Smile steps in to push the sub-genre of physical manifestation and transmission of horror forward. Unfortunately, the film perpetuates some super toxic ideas about mental health and emotional trauma. It does break from so many films in that religion is not the savior. We extensively cover multiple other options for the film, especially the ending. So while there were real nuggets of gold here, they were buried in a pretty large pile of crap.

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Misery (Reiner 1990) 23:30 – 25:00
The Babadook (Kent 2014)
Relic (James 2020)
Unsane (Soderbergh 2018) 51:00
100 Feet (Red 2008) – 55:00 –

TOPIC INDEX – TOPIC INDEX – Freaky  (Landon 2020) (times are approximate) 

0:30 – Introductions
3:00 – Movie discussion begins
3:00 – overall thoughts – NO SPOILERS
6:00 – jump scares
12:00 – processing trauma
19:00 – why did we not enjoy this nihistic film?
21:00 – ending
26:00 – how would we improve the film?
32:00 – traumatizing children
45:00 – conspiracy theories and gaslighting
51:00 – spoilers for Unsane
52:00 – women’s voices disregarded especially regarding abuse
57:00 – alternatives for this film
1:03:00 – craft

1:06:00 – grading the film using the Collective Nightmares Evolving Rubric of Social Responsibility
1:13:45 – credits

Post credits sequence
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Misery (Reiner 1990)
The Babadook (Kent 2014)
Relic (James 2020)
Unsane (Soderbergh 2018)
100 Feet (Red 2008)


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